NBIC Participates in Global Entrepreneurship Week

August 27th, 2014| Uncategorized| no comments

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of innovation, creativity, and opportunity.  This week is dedicated to those who create jobs, develop innovative products and services, and drive economic development.  NBIC celebrates this week by offering free entrepreneurship activities designed to inspire globalization.  This year, NBIC is offering more opportunities than ever before, creating a unique […]

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Managing Four Generations in the Workplace

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This is the first time in American history that we have had four different generations working side-by-side in the workplace. Generational differences can affect everything, including recruiting, building teams, dealing with change, motivating, managing, and maintaining and increasing productivity. Think of how generational differences, relative to how people communicate, might affect misunderstandings, high employee turnover, difficulty in attracting […]

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Strategies to Hire the Best Person for your Business

August 4th, 2014| Uncategorized| no comments

A poor hiring decision can have a huge impact on any organization but especially for the small business owner, it is even more critical to hire the right person.  Hiring the wrong employee can cost a company on average three to five times the annual salary and a small business can not afford that type […]

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