Our Newest Team Member – Aaron Toran

December 9th, 2016| Newsletters| no comments

Aaron Toran, Jr. is Program Director with the Nashville Business Incubation Center, one of the leading growth spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Nashville. With a goal to enhance the lives of others through knowledge and access, Toran will use his expansive experience working with businesses to ensure the success of those he counsels. In his position, he is specifically charged with program sustainability, as well as managing partnership and collaborative relationships.

Prior to his start with NBIC, Toran spent the last 14 years in a variety of positions working on policy and community awareness while forming a solid reputation for realizing missions, goals, and objectives. Those positions include: Manager of Accounting/ I.T. with the Arthritis Foundation; Volunteer and Resource Coordinator with Catholic Charities of Tennessee; Job Developer and Mentor Coordinator with Project Return, Inc.; and two-term VITA Site Coordinator with the United Way and the Internal Revenue Service.

A native Nashvillian, Toran completed matriculations at Fisk University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in Public Administration, with a Certification in Nonprofit Management, from Tennessee State University.

Want to learn a little more about our newest team member? Check out his thoughts on purpose and success below.

What is your passion?

My passion is being a part of what makes the world go around- learning and sharing. The opportunity to gather and learn new information is exciting. Just as I receive learning points, I find it even more appealing when presented the opportunity to enhance others’ lives by sharing pertinent knowledge and experience.

How do you want people to think of you? (what legacy are you leaving behind)

Ultimately, I would like to leave a helping-hand legacy. Being that I’ve worked in social and community settings most of my professional life, I hope that my fellow neighbors garner the belief that I am willing to do my part in making life better for those that I come in contact.

How has your previous experience prepared you to work with clients at the NBIC?

Working within an operation formerly located at the NBIC, I’m well aware of the intricacies of the program and how it can truly benefit a small business. Cumulatively, my experiences have prepared me for the NBIC environment by equipping me with sensitivity to volunteer and resource management, grant management, joint venture set-up, government readiness, small business operations amongst other elements.

How do you envision the NBIC and how do you define its value/importance to the Nashville/Tennessee small business community?

Taking into account the aforementioned information, I believe the Nashville Business Incubation Center, even in all its success, is still a diamond in the rough. Visibility for, and the positioning of, this gem is paramount in this immensely growing market of Nashville, TN. Why? Small businesses are the backbone, driving force, and attractiveness for any viable city.

Why is accounting an essential pillar for the success of a small business?

NBIC is a saving grace for many organizations at different intervals of their operations. Providing and/or fine tuning strategic elements, such as accounting, can make or break the livelihood of a small business. NBIC paints a vivid and needed picture of financial sustainability as being an essential pillar because it is just that. Accounting practices guide all businesses from the start-up phase to the mature phase of its operations; ultimately, the exit phase if those practices are not structured and practiced properly. Proper accounting provides any operation the ability to see clear the present and future.


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