NBIC contributes to Nashville’s economic development by creating an average of 38 jobs each year. In the past five years, NBIC incubating companies have created over 205 new jobs.  In the past year, NBIC client companies employed 237 and created 22 new jobs, grossed over $17.7 million in total sales.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, incubators develop approximately 20 times more jobs than community infrastructure projects at a significantly reduced cost. Research suggests that for every $1 of government subsidies provided to incubators, an estimated $30 is generated in local tax revenue, and approximately 84 percent of incubator graduates remain in their communities. This trend is true for  NBIC as well – many of its clients, including The Christie Cookie; Zycron, Inc.; K.S. Ware & Associates, LLC; Don Hardin Group and Beacon Technologies, have stayed in Middle Tennessee after graduating from the incubation center.