The Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC) is proud to provide the student incubation program for TSU students interested in business ownership or taking the next step in starting a small business. A new program, the Student Business Incubation Program is a 12-month program beginning with a summer study opportunity to gain experience, develop and grow your own business.

Who can apply?

• TSU Juniors, Seniors or Graduate Students

– Participants must maintain their student status (enrolled a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester) while participating in this 12-month extracurricular program.

• Students with Small Businesses

• Students with an Invention

Program Details

• 12 week Summer Study Session

– Each week all Student Business Incubator clients will meet to hear a guest speaker, network and discuss their ongoing business endeavors. These meetings are required and, if missed, can be reason for termination from the program.

• Classes Meet Once A Week

• One-on-One Business Coaching

– During the Fall and Spring Semesters

– Business Coaches Change Every Six Weeks

– Students are required to meet with business coaches. Absences may be cause for student termination within the program.

• Culminating Public Presentation to Potential Investors


• All participants will sign confidentiality agreements.

• All participants will conduct business in an ethical manner in keeping with the standards set forth by the TSU code of conduct and NBIC standards.

• All participants will disclose accurate monthly business financial statements.

• All participants will attend and actively participate in group discussions during the summer study sessions. Students missing two or more classes will be removed from the program.

• All participants will attend one-on-one coaching sessions, training events and additional entrepreneurial activities as set forth in the NBICStudent Incubator Agreement.

• All participants will respect others and other’s property.

• All participants will respect the privacy and work spaces of NBIC Incubating Clients.

• Students must attend a mandatory orientation in May prior to moving into assigned office space.

• This 12-month extracurricular program is expected to receive recognition within the community. Students are expected to serve as ambassadors for the University and the NBICStudent Business Incubation Program during their tenure.