5 Ways to Shift Your Thinking From Tactics to Strategic

5 Ways to Shift Your Thinking From Tactics to Strategic

When you become a reactive thinker, you limit your personal and professional growth. Leveling up and becoming a big thinker requires you to think outside of the box and ask the hard questions.

Here are five tips on how to drop your tactical, limiting thinking and advance with a strategic, proactive mindset:

Stop micromanaging.

Not only does micromanaging damage the relationship with your colleagues, but it is a waste of your valuable time. Learn to delegate the small things and refuse to be distracted so you can focus on things that are in front of you.  


Block your time.

Reserve fifteen to thirty minutes every day to thoroughly plot out what you would like to accomplish today. This will help your direct your time and energy into tasks that matter the most. Make this a lifelong habit and watch your productivity and thinking expand.

Evaluate your skill set.

Strategic thinkers are always focusing inward and enhancing their mentalities and skill set. Consider reading self-help or industry-related books, finding a mentor, and determining exactly what you need to do to advance in your career.

Anticipate what’s next.

Additionally, strategic thinkers are constantly looking forward to the future. Seek ways that you can improve the day-to-day tasks within your organization. It doesn’t always have to be “business as usual.”

Prepare people for success.

Strategic thinkers are true leaders and they help position others for success. They understand that when everybody is on board with the same vision, work will get done. 

Strategic thinkers apply pressure to situations and events rather let things happen or shape them. They trust and manage their team well and focuses on efficiency. Are you ready to learn more about strategy to grow and scale your enterprise? Take our Biz Quiz to see which one of our programs is right for you!