Learn How to Start a Business

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ChamberofCommerce.org is a website dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs start, market, finance, and grow their businesses. By creating in-depth guides, how-tos, and reviews covering relevant business products, ChamberofCommerce.org hopes to help readers move past the pitfalls that are often to blame for small business failure. Visit this site

Sandra Potter Shines A Light on Minority, Women Owned Businesses

 Arnella Foster  

When Sandra Potter founded The Cleaning Leaders thirteen years ago, she wasn’t just thinking about her family. She was thinking about the young single mothers she met while working as a registered nurse who did not have the skills or education needed for upward mobility. It was during those formative

3 Ways MWBEs Can Market More Effectively to Government Agencies

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Companies looking to do business in the public sector must first learn how to market their goods and services to government agencies. As in the private sector, government buyers are interested in knowing your capabilities, seeing examples of work, and learning more about your organization’s story. But despite best efforts,

New Ideas

New Ideas By Paula Anderson Most ideas for businesses stem from solving a problem. As an entrepreneur, curiosity and creativity are two components needed to discover new ideas. Having an idea is not enough to make your product successful. It requires research, marketing and a testing method. This is the

SBA Loan Applicants Beware Of Email Phishing Scams

 Arnella Foster  

Release Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020 The U.S. Small Business Administration is sending a cyber warning alert to loan applicants seeking federal aid in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Email phishing campaigns where malicious actors are impersonating the SBA and its Office of Disaster Assistance to collect personally identifiable information