6 Things To Consider Before Becoming a Small Business Owner

Most times when starting a business, we are really excited about the idea of the business and rush to set it up. Never stopping to consider every detail. Unfortunately, passion won’t sustain a business by itself so there are few more things to consider before starting your dream business. Here

Five Finance Management Tips

Finance management is an imperative part of any business. As we experience a global pandemic, entrepreneurs are having to see the gaps and cracks within their business structure. Now is a time to review and update your business systems, starting with your business finances. Here are five things you should

Three Quick Reasons Why Your Business Plan Is Failing You

Are you constantly being denied funding for your business? Do you feel like your brilliant ideas are getting overlooked? You may be making these three mistakes in your business plan: Some items in your financial projections are missing. It’s easy to just focus on revenue and costs, but you could

Five Must Haves to Include in Your Business Plan

A business plan is a tangible divide between entrepreneurs who have an abstract idea and entrepreneurs who have a solid, promising structure established. Here are the five things that your business plan absolutely cannot go without: Executive summary An executive summary is a brief that precedes a business plan. It

Global Entrepreneurship Week Was a Success!

We ended Global Entrepreneurship Week on such a fun note! We visited our friends at Glencliff Elementary to host an entrepreneurial experimental event, inspiring the kids to dream big & reach their potential.