Social Media Use and Abuse

By Paula Anderson As with most new ideas, the original intent of a product or service may change once it has been on the market for a while.  This is the case in the social media world.  Most platforms were developed by college students to connect with each other. The

Lessons from COVID-19

By Paula Anderson Planning for a crisis is not optional; it is mandatory for small businesses and entrepreneurs who may experience a temporary loss of revenue or operations. COVID-19 revealed a lot of opportunities for businesses to consider when everything is going well. The disruption halted every industry except food


Whether or not you have accurately spent your Payment Protection Program loan funds will determine if your loan qualifies for partial or full forgiveness. As a small business owner, you are trying to figure out exactly how you can get your entire amount forgiven. We’ve come up with some tips

6 Things To Consider Before Becoming a Small Business Owner

Most times when starting a business, we are really excited about the idea of the business and rush to set it up. Never stopping to consider every detail. Unfortunately, passion won’t sustain a business by itself so there are few more things to consider before starting your dream business. Here

Five Finance Management Tips

Finance management is an imperative part of any business. As we experience a global pandemic, entrepreneurs are having to see the gaps and cracks within their business structure. Now is a time to review and update your business systems, starting with your business finances. Here are five things you should