Conquering the 3 P’s with Shayna Rattler

Conquering the 3 P’s with Shayna Rattler

Last week the Nashville Business Incubation Center hosted Shayna Rattler of Supplier Diversity Academy for a workshop on Conquering the 3 P’s for Sustainable Growth. The attendance varied from entrepreneurs in the startup stages to highly seasoned business owners, yet there was an “aha” moment for everyone. In case you missed it, here are the top takeaways from the workshop.

People: Your business can only rise to the level of your leadership.  You have to take the step and invest in employees.  Even if you are a new business with limited resources, you can have an employee.  Incorporate part time, project based or interns to help delegate the everyday tasks off your list.

Process: Everything that is right or wrong in your business is because of you. There should be a system in place for every task in your business.  Every employee should know what you expect of them at all times…even when they are answering the phone.  By implementing a standard of operations manual, you will build your business on concrete and not sinking sand.

Profits: There are riches in niches.  Too often we confuse the marketplace by marketing all that we can offer the client.  The key is to market to the niche.  Focus your efforts to marketing to the niche and you will find that the customers are finding you. Once you have developed a relationship with the customer you can start to incorporate the other services that you can provide in order to deepen the relationship.

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