Thank you for your gift to NBIC as we grow businesses from tiny acorns to mighty oaks one donation at a time.

Scholarships help many small businesses in the community create a digital presence. Expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs to do business online provides better insulation during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. All donations are tax deductible.

Help Small Businesses Coping with Covid19 and Recovering from Tornado Damage.

The pandemic of 2020 has caused many small businesses to struggle during the greatest crisis of our lifetimes. NBIC has been here to support small business owners by providing knowledge and practical application of the necessary skills to navigate these volatile times and keep operations moving forward. The tornado of March 3, 2020 devastated many Nashville small businesses. NBIC also sustained structural damage. Even when this crisis hit, we’ve kept the virtual doors open to safely and conveniently meet with entrepreneurs remotely using technology to get much needed support quickly to small business owners, which has actually allowed us to provide additional programming to help even more hurting entrepreneurs.

Donate $500 today to help us assist small businesses in the Nashville area that have been affected by Covid and the tornado by providing critical business support to some of those owners hardest hit during these uncertain times.

Help an Entrepreneur Build Their Strategy.

This is a time for small business owners to lean into their business and brand. We want to make sure small businesses are able to sustain themselves as Covid-19 continues. All businesses big or small are having to develop new strategies to support their operations.

Donate $250 today to help an entrepreneur build their new strategy in our Framework course as they build the structures needed to move forward.

Help an Entrepreneur Set Up an Accounting System using QuickBooks

The current pandemic has revealed some opportunities for those small business owners who need to set up an actual accounting system beyond a spreadsheet to better track what’s happening in their business. It is important now more than ever to have a solid financial structure by using technology that integrates into the daily operations of a small business.

Donate $100 today to help a small business owner get the support needed from an expert to set up their accounting system so owners better know how to track their books.

Help an Entrepreneur get a Great Logo

Branding is always important. During the pandemic, having a brand that customers can identify is particularly significant with greater push to ecommerce. With our marketing partners, entrepreneurs can get a professionally designed logo to capture their brand to communicate consistent messages to the marketplace and their social feeds to establish their brand awareness and build brand loyalty and separate them from the competition.

Donate $50 to provide a professional logo for an entrepreneur’s small business.

Help an Entrepreneur get Materials for Foundations

Having the materials to learn the basics of business is beneficial for those with a great idea for a company and even for those who opened the doors but still need to take a business 101.

Donate $25 to provide the training resources for an entrepreneur attending NBIC’s Foundation’s program.

Growth Enterprise Nashville Inc. is the legal entity operating as the Nashville Business Incubation Center.

The Nashville Business Incubation Center cultivates the growth and development of small business owners, with a focus on women, minorities, and veterans, through 360-degree business support, knowledgeable mentors, and a results-driven curriculum.​