Five Finance Management Tips

Five Finance Management Tips

Finance management is an imperative part of any business. As we experience a global pandemic, entrepreneurs are having to see the gaps and cracks within their business structure. Now is a time to review and update your business systems, starting with your business finances. Here are five things you should do for your business finances:


Accounting Software

Entrepreneurs sometimes feel they have to wear all the hats, especially where finances are concerned. You can hire a bookkeeper for your business but you can also use an accounting software. The accounting software will keep accurate track of your income and cost. This will also help your business with obtaining accurate data.

Five Accounting Software’s to Check Out:

  1. Quickbooks

  2. Freshbooks

  3. Xero

  4. ZipBooks


Keep Personal and Business Banking Separate

Although, this may seem obvious but you would be surprised at the number of entrepreneurs who mix personal and business finances. Mixing both personal and business finances makes it hard to determine business expenses and is a recipe for headaches when the time comes to file taxes. It will also help monitor profitability and properly track expenses and income.

Make Financial Projections

Making clear financial projections can help anticipate future cost and obstacles. Projections help you scope and determine the financial ability you have to meet a task. Taking a look at your business plan can guide you when making your financial projections.

Click here to download the financial projection template we’ve found for you.


You should send out invoices as soon as possible after you have completed your service or provided your good. Your payment terms should provide the customer enough time to pay but also should not be unreasonably long to the point the customer may forget. You should always follow up regarding invoices. You can follow up in many different ways including a text or email sequence.

Invoices Software’s:


  2. Wave

  3. Freshbooks

  4. Harvest

  5. Paypal

Expense Tracking

It is imperative that you know your business expenses at all times. These expenses generally include your overhead expenses. Although, the operating expenses of your business usually become fixed cost, it is important to continuously track these expenses and compare them to your income and profitability.

Expense Tracking Software’s:

  1. Expensify

  2. Quickbooks

  3. Rydoo

  4. Certify

  5. SAP Concur


Financial management can make or break your business. If you are experiencing trouble managing your finances contact us so that we may connect you to the resource you need.

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