Five Ways to Ensure Your Workplace is Inclusive

Five Ways to Ensure Your Workplace is Inclusive

Studies show that inclusive workplaces are six times more innovative, creative, and productive. How do you ensure that your office feels inclusive enough for your employees to feel like they belong every day of work?

Celebrate employee differences

Inviting your employees to share their backgrounds and traditions in the workplace is a great way to show your respect of differences. For example, start highlighting holidays and special dates from all cultures represented in the workplace when creating company calendars and newsletters.

Invest in diversity training

Diversity training is a wonderful investment that will help employees understand how cultural differences can impact how people work and interact at work. It can cover anything from communication styles to respecting others’ identities to dealing with conflict.

Create pathway for employees to comfortably communicate issues

Open-door policies (literal or figurative) may sound intimidating, but it’s one of the best ways to build trust and improve communication with your employees. Be sure to establish boundaries and expectations for communication to flow smoothly.

Establish policies

Set policies and standards for how employees are expected to work together. Written guidelines are proven to reduce instances of harassment and discrimination. 

Do community service projects

Find community service projects in your area for your team to participate in monthly. Studies show that serving the community as a team boosts employee morale and helps create a positive working atmosphere where people feel like they belong.

A workplace that has mastered inclusion is where people are able to be their true, professional selves and bring everything they have to the table. Are you looking for 360 degrees of support, especially in the human resources aspect of business? Schedule a consultation today.