Incubator Without Walls

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The Incubator Without Walls program affords many of the same services as the traditional incubation program without the residency requirement.  Program participants benefit from twice a month one-on-one business coaching via in person, conference call, or web conferencing.  Clients submit monthly financial statements for review and are provided access to incubator shared business machines, conference room, training center and mailboxes.

Incubator Without Walls is Expanding Throughout the State

The expansion of the Incubator Without Walls program has been made possible through LiftTN: Microenterprise, a grant-funded pilot program of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. This effort will allow for more growth in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Are You Eligible?

    • Do you live outside of Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis or Chattanooga?
    • Do you own a business in construction or manufacturing (this is any area where you are manufacturing a product like food, jewelry, or metal products)?
    • Are you interested in growing and sustaining your business?
Apply Today!
This program is valued at $10,000.
    • Program for enrollment for one year        – $5,000
    • Management and Technical Assistance   – $5,000
Through a scholarship the program and all associated fees will be waived for those who qualify.

This program is offered throughout Tennessee, and scholarships are available.  Email Mark Taylor at or call 615-963-7196 for more information.

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