Invoking Nostalgia One Sandwich at a Time

Invoking Nostalgia One Sandwich at a Time

Joseph and Crystal Bogan

In recent years, the restaurant business has undergone a significant change.  An increasing number of restaurateurs are incorporating food trucks into their business plan, and even more restaurant owners are leaning toward food trucks to launch their businesses instead of traditional storefronts.

If you have been in the Nashville area for any period of time, you have probably noticed the surge in eateries on wheels, especially in the downtown area.  These convenient trucks bring tasty eats directly to you.

One of the most popular area food trucks is the easily recognizable black and cream vehicle of The Grilled Cheeserie.  Owners Joseph and Crystal De Luna Bogan opened the Grilled Cheeserie in 2010 and they have not looked back since.

Crystal and Joseph took a simple comfort food and put a unique spin on it through the use of seasonal vegetables, local breads, and artisanal cheeses.  Crystal, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, combined her culinary background with Joseph’s music and foodie interests to create the local gem.

As their business grew, they knew it was time to seek out a home base for their restaurant.  Their search led them to the Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC).

“We were looking for a place that was more than just a building,” says Crystal.  She continues, “We really liked the guidance that NBIC was going to offer, and the community and other businesses that we would be able to network with.  We also wanted a blank space,” adds Crystal, and NBIC provided them with the blank space that was necessary to create their masterpiece.

As a result of joining the Incubator Program, Crystal and Joseph have been able to build their office and kitchen.

“It’s been a great place for us to be able to train our employees in one location.  The building has enabled us to implement training and consistency much like a restaurant would allow us to do,” explainsCrystal

Because of their innovative business savvy and a keen sense for flavorful combinations, The Grilled Cheeserie quickly increased in notoriety in the Greater Nashville area and beyond.  In 2013, they were featured on Guy Fieri’s Food Network television show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  Crystal recalled her experience with the show, “The opportunity came to us a few months before shooting.  Watching it back on TV was a surreal experience.  As an avid Food Network fan, Guy Fieri was such a familiar face that I’m accustomed to seeing on TV, and I couldn’t believe that we were there standing with him recording about our eatery”.

Grilled Cheeserie has made its mark on the national and Nashville food scene, and they are here to stay.  “We are now really thinking about the bigger picture. We want to make the smartest financial decision while considering the growth of our city,” explains Crystal.

We at the NBIC are looking forward to the continued growth and expansion of The Grilled Cheeserie.  We are very excited to see where they go in the near future.  To learn more about The Grilled Cheeserie, visit their website, , or find them on and

 Author: Brittany-Rae Gregory, duGard Ellis PR