NBIC alumni/CEO’S from, Slim & Husky, Grilled Cheeserie & Move-On, joined us at Redpepper to talk about how they maneuver the social media game in this new age of selfies, memes, and gifs. These entrepreneurs shared key gems you can implement today.


1.KEEP IT REAL says Slim & Husky’s

The fellas over at Slim & Husky’s focus on sharing posts that speak to them, their pizza loving community and “I love the 90’s” brand. They have a posting model that focuses on 3 categories: shots of their pizza and shop, their customers and their community including candids with the latest celebrities that have to make a pizza run when they are in town. By focusing on category visuals they naturally connect with on a daily basis, they never have a shortage of images or words to share. I guess that’s why they were able to grow an Instagram following alone over 13,000 in less than a year.

2. KEEP IT CONSISTENT says The Grilled Cheeserie

Chef and co-founder, Crystal is actually the woman behind The Grilled Cheeserie’s social media. She likes to connect with her customers and has a clear schedule on what, when and where she posts each week. She shared that being consistent really helped Nashville’s beloved food truck grow their following even before they officially launched. Prior to launching, they would always post on Twitter the upcoming location they would be for the day so customers would know how to find them. As Crystal stated, if we didn’t post or were not at the location referenced we knew that could deter people and we always wanted to ensure our customers could trust us. Well, 40,000 Twitter followers later, I would say mission accomplished.

3. KEEP IT MOVING says Move On

From wearing fur to fun memes, Bryce, the founder of Move On, is constantly trying to figure out how to make the pain of moving a little more fun. With a traditional, not so glam brand being able to test and try out new things is imperative to figuring out what works for your social media channels.