Management and Technical Assistance

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NBIC client companies are afforded financing opportunities through the Revolving Loan Fund and Management and Technical Assistance program.  NBIC business counselors can refer clients to a myriad of business service professionals including bankers, marketing experts, lawyers, human resources specialists and accountants.  Client companies may apply for subsidized fees for accounting, legal, marketing or other specialized services.  If approved, NBIC subsidizes a portion of the initial set up costs.  NBIC’s connection with TSU also allows clients to benefit from coordinated efforts between TSU academic classes, students and interns.

The NBIC revolving loan program provides temporary financial solutions to qualifying clients.  Loans may be used for typical business transactions involving working capital, machinery and equipment, inventory and improvement, or to secure government contracts. The revolving loan program serves as a gateway to small business loans and lines of credit, as Nashville area bankers are involved in the revolving loan committee and are encouraged to establish relationships with program participants.  This program allows the businesses to grow and establish themselves financially.