Expanding Our Reach Through Incubator Without Walls Program

Expanding Our Reach Through Incubator Without Walls Program

It is no secret: the male-dominated business landscape is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  The demographic of boardrooms across America is changing before our eyes through an increased number of women CEOs and women entrepreneurs.   This welcome change adds diversity in experience and perspective to the ever-evolving world of business.

At the Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC), we make it a priority to support women and minority owned businesses through our traditional incubation program,  Incubator Without Walls program, and the partnerships we develop and maintain on a daily basis.  One of the newest members of the NBIC family, Pamela Ketchersid, owner of Chattanooga based  Mechanical Maintenance Group, is one of the region’s newest women entrepreneurs business owners.

Mechanical Maintenance Group is a pipe fitting company that works to fabricate, build, and install piping systems.  Ketchersid, a naval veteran, was inspired by her experience working on submarines while in the Navy to start a company of this nature.  As a Nuclear Machinist Mate on a Navy submarine, Ketchersid developed a  unique technical and application based skillset and knowledge that allow her to oversee contracting projects for the state of Tennessee.   Ketchersid started Mechanical Maintenance Group in May 2012 after deciding to fulfilling her own dreams of entrepreneurship instead of working as an employee to help fulfill someone else’s .

As a new business owner, Ketchersid wanted to ensure she implemented practices that would help her business rise to its full potential. She quickly sought the help and expertise of the staff at NBIC after meeting Executive Director Angela Crane-Jones at an industry event.  Ketchersid joined the NBIC Incubator Without Walls program in August 2013.  This program is designed to assist clients in a virtual environment, completing one-on-one coaching and providing services via conference calls and web conferencing.    The program has helped Ketchersid with her holistic business outlook, especially human resources practices, and prioritizing tasks, both internally and externally.  Though Mechanical Maintenance Group continues to face challenges as a young business, their relationship with NBIC is beneficial and helps them navigate challenges with a trusted advisor in their corner.

To learn more about Mechanical Maintenance Group, visit their website at http://www.mmgfab.com.