A Breath of Fresh Air: Nashville Solutions Makes Energy Efficient and Affordable

A Breath of Fresh Air: Nashville Solutions Makes Energy Efficient and Affordable

The founders of Nashville Solutions knew that conventional HVAC systems were largely inefficient and expensive. So, Michael and Mario Beddingfield, brothers and now co-owners of the startup combined their technical and engineering skills to provide their customers with cost-effective long-term energy solutions. “We knew there were better ways to heat and cool people’s homes,” says Mario. “We wanted to offer our customers innovative solutions that not only saved money but improved energy efficiency and customer health.” 

Founded in 2019, Nashville Solutions offers an impressive array of unique products and services, including HVAC installation and repair, smart home integration, duct cleaning, air filtration systems, plumbing, and basic home repairs. As part of their daily mission, Mario and Michael strive to make energy efficiency a more affordable, permanent option for Middle Tennesseans by providing them with durable, cutting-edge equipment and technology.

Growing up in East Nashville, both brothers drew on their father’s experience owning a lawn care company to develop the blueprint for their venture. “My father taught us that if we really wanted to succeed, we’d have to be willing to invest in ourselves,” Mario shares. And succeed they have. “Our company began as an offshoot of The Beddingfield Company, a sole proprietorship Michael founded in 2017. Two years later, Michael approached me with an opportunity to join forces and reimagine the business as an LLC.” This move would enable the company with a framework to build upon that included HVAC solutions that could bridge the energy affordability gap. “In 2019, Nashville Solutions was officially born.”

But despite their technical skills and lofty aspirations, the brothers still struggled to get their business up and running. They lacked knowledge of administrative and business processes. So, the duo enrolled in the Groundworks program at the National Business Incubation Center for guidance.

“We had a vision for our company but couldn’t see a clear path of how to get there. NBIC was more than a recipe for success. It was like a cookbook. Over six months, Michael and I learned about setting up intake systems, customer service, financing options, and insurance policies. We also learned how to set up measurable goals and implement a service plan to track our progress. Thankfully, Angela was very honest and didn’t sugarcoat any of our mistakes. Since completing the program, our revenue has nearly doubled.” “In any business,” Mario goes on to say, “you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and stay open to new information. If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing.”

Today, Nashville Solutions is a full-service licensed mechanical contractor performing residential, industrial, and commercial work, most notably completing projects with TVA and The East Core Program for Energy Efficiency. The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has grown to include four employees who Mario refers to as the “nucleus” of the business. Together, the team works cohesively, making a point to check their egos at the door. 

At the heart of what they do are their customers. “We’ve always wanted our core focus to be on the customer experience. This commitment to quality has propelled our company forward and served as the backbone of our mission and purpose.”

Going forward, Mario and Michael hope to enter into larger-scale government contracts and acquire certifications with the DBA and SBA 8(a) programs. They also plan to shift their focus to more energy-efficient products. They recently added Laundry Pro 2.0, A/C Unit Monitoring system, and Air Scrubber 2.0 product line, the latter of which being the only air quality system certified by NASA in the United States.

“Our ultimate goal is to be the leading provider for all HVAC, mechanical, and electrical services in the state. We not only want to build energy-efficient homes but build energy-efficient communities, and make energy affordable and accessible for all people, no matter your income bracket.”

As they continue to build their legacy, Mario says their clients help keep them focused and inspired. “I recently received a call from a customer who we had helped install a new HVAC unit in his grandmother’s home. We were able to successfully lower her summer utility bill from $300 to $100 in only a few months. When I get calls back like that, I know we’re on the right track.”