New Year, New Business Resolutions

New Year, New Business Resolutions

Every year men, women, and children compile lists of their respective New Year’s Resolutions in hopes of bettering themselves and, ultimately the world around them.  Why not apply this method to your business?  Writing a specific list of goals that you intend to accomplish by December 31, 2014 might be what your business needs to increase employee morale and overall productivity.  Though a resolutions list is specific to the business and business owner that writes it, here are some resolutions that we think everyone can take advantage of:


  • Check in with each member of your team daily.  Checking in often will allow you to better keep up with the progress of projects assigned, and it will also allow you to assess what their strengths and weaknesses are, allowing you to manage them in the most effective way.

  • Have a short non-work related conversation with each team member daily.  This will not only get the employees to be more comfortable around you, but it will also get them to see you as more than just a person who delivers tasks to them.

  • Become a better listener.  Good listeners are great leaders.  The more you listen, the more you understand the motivations of others, your team, and those consumers that you are trying to attract to your business.


We hope that these tips help you as you head into 2014.  We know that some of our clients are already practicing these efforts, and their businesses are better for it.


“I make a point to get to know my team beyond their roles as employees of Spring Clean,” said Darren Frierson, owner and operator of Spring Clean Cleaning.  “Getting to know who they are helps me to understand their perspective, which ultimately helps when assigning tasks.”


Great job, Darren!  We look forward to great things from Spring Clean Cleaning and all of the NBIC Clients in the upcoming year.