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The Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC) is proud to provide the student incubation program for TSU students interested in business ownership or taking the next step in starting a small business. A new program, the Student Business Incubation Program is a 12-month program beginning with a summer study opportunity to gain experience, develop and grow your own business.

Who can apply?

• TSU Juniors, Seniors or Graduate Students

– Participants must maintain their student status (enrolled a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester) while participating in this 12-month extracurricular program.

• Students with Small Businesses

• Students with an Invention

Program Details

• 12 week Summer Study Session

– Each week all Student Business Incubator clients will meet to hear a guest speaker, network and discuss their ongoing business endeavors. These meetings are required and, if missed, can be reason for termination from the program.

• Classes Meet Once A Week

• One-on-One Business Coaching

– During the Fall and Spring Semesters

– Business Coaches Change Every Six Weeks

– Students are required to meet with business coaches. Absences may be cause for student termination within the program.

• Culminating Public Presentation to Potential Investors


• All participants will sign confidentiality agreements.

• All participants will conduct business in an ethical manner in keeping with the standards set forth by the TSU code of conduct and NBIC standards.

• All participants will disclose accurate monthly business financial statements.

• All participants will attend and actively participate in group discussions during the summer study sessions. Students missing two or more classes will be removed from the program.

• All participants will attend one-on-one coaching sessions, training events and additional entrepreneurial activities as set forth in the NBICStudent Incubator Agreement.

• All participants will respect others and other’s property.

• All participants will respect the privacy and work spaces of NBIC Incubating Clients.

• Students must attend a mandatory orientation in May prior to moving into assigned office space.

• This 12-month extracurricular program is expected to receive recognition within the community. Students are expected to serve as ambassadors for the University and the NBICStudent Business Incubation Program during their tenure.

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Internships provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to gain real world work and experience. At the Nashville Incubation Center, we prepare our interns in such a way that allows them to incorporate the skills that they have learned in the classroom in our fast paced environment. At the NBIC, students will have the opportunity to work alongside our leadership team, community influencers, and NBIC clientele. To apply for an internship at the NBIC, please send an email to today!