A Moving Company Betting On Quirky Branding and People First


Co-Founders Bryce Adkins and Toddy Caldwell

Move On has been a part of NBIC for almost a year and a half after purchasing a local moving company. Founded by two Nashville transplants, their fun approach to moving is refreshing. They also  believe investing in their employees’ lives is a natural thing to do which in turn provides a great experience for their customers. They are betting on their quirky branding and people loving skills to succeed in this industry and we are excited to share their story.

Describe the mission of Move On?

Move On’s mission is to provide a great career opportunity for our employees. We want to provide the best company culture and work atmosphere possible while providing the highest quality service. In short, we want to positively impact as many lives as possible.

What inspired you to start Move On?

We had a great opportunity present itself when a moving company went on the market for sale. Seeing the current market atmosphere and the need for a moving company to operate at a high level of service and integrity inspired us to create Move On.

What makes Move On unique and different than other moving companies?

Move On is heavily invested in its employees. We are always trying to better their lives through their work at Move On. Our clients will always receive the best customer service and a personal touch to their move.

Are you a Nashville native?

My business partner, Toddy, and I are both from other states. Nashville is definitely home for both of us, but Toddy is from Mississippi and I am from Seattle. Nashville for me was a choice to call home because of the music scene. For Toddy, it was a city he felt that really fit him. The people here are great and you get that small town feel in a big city.

Move On has done a great job of developing a fun, quirky brand. Why did you make it a priority to focus on branding and messaging for your small business as it is sometimes overlooked when starting a business?

Our identity is very important to us. So when we considered marketing and branding ourselves, we wanted to be true to who we are personally. We have a sense of humor here and some great personalities and we want that to be conveyed in our branding. While we take Move On and our reputation very seriously, we do not take ourselves seriously. We have a lot of fun doing what we do and we want people to understand that. It’s important for people to know that we truly care about serving and running a great company, but have fun while doing that. Branding is something that anyone can do; from the logo, to your name, to the personality. This can all be conveyed in multiple affordable channels. Social media is the obvious and easy way to show people who you are.

What initial steps did you take when creating your brand look + feel?

When we were building the foundation of our branding, we solely focused on finding out who we were as a company. We looked at the moving industry and how dull and boring it was. We are not dull and boring and we want to market ourselves with our personality deeply rooted in that brand. We wanted very early on for people to know who we are regardless of if they have used or needed our services. For us it’s quite simple, we stay true to ourselves and who we are and I think when you do that people connect. Everything you see is a direct extension of our personality and who we are.

Why NBIC? 

NBIC provides great resources for the businesses that are affiliated. It has helped foster our growth tremendously. The location is amazing, but the faculty, support and resources gives any business a leg up while fostering growth.

For the reader just starting up their business, what is one tip you would provide?

Having a detailed business plan is great. But, knowing who you are and focusing on operating with the highest level of integrity and customer service will work for anyone and have the biggest impact on your reputation and growth.

What has been one of your biggest wins since launching?        

The biggest win I would say we have had, outside of our reputation, would have to be the employees we have. We are very proud of our employees. Our customers love them and we love having them work for us. It’s great seeing our folks become friends and spend time together outside of work. When you develop a team that is tight knit, your business will operate on another level of awesome.

Lastly, what can Music City expect from Move On in 2017?

Nashville can expect some pretty epic marketing from Move On in 2017. We are working on some very exciting things that we hope people will enjoy and identify with. Our service is always being improved in every aspect. I doubt we will ever be satisfied with how good we are. We always want to be better, and will continue to grow together in being the best we can be.

The Green Truck Moving Company


NBIC chats with co-founder, Emanuel Reed of The Green Truck Moving Company. A NBIC Graduate company. Pictured above (l-r) Founders: Derrick Moore and Emanuel Reed, Clinton Gray (not pictured).

What inspired you to start your moving company?

We were inspired by the desire to create change. We wanted to be examples of what can be done via teamwork, innovation, and overall determination. The three of us are all risk takers and value leadership and problem solving so entrepreneurship fits right with our core values.

What makes your business different?

As part of problem solving, we wanted to come in and say what could we do to improve the industries we operate in. We’ve taken more of a people focus in each of our businesses which has allowed us to retain more employees and offer a better service than our competitors. In addition, we believe in branding and building repeatable processes. We also differentiate via sustainability.

Are you a Nashville native?

I was originally born in Akron, OH but moved to Nashville at the age of 7. Derrick and Clinton are both native Nashvillians.

Nashville is being called the “It” city…why are you loving Nashville, right now?

I believe Nashville is making a great push to increase diversity. While Nashville, like the rest of the country, has a long way to go we are behind this positive momentum. We meet entrepreneurs and other business professionals from all walks of life on a regular basis that are doing amazing things in their fields. We have a restaurant opening soon so, we’re also loving the growing restaurant scene. Clinton thinks he’s the next big chef in the city lol.

3 things you love about NBIC that others may not know?

1. The NBIC is like a community. The business owners share experiences, knowledge, resources, and connections.

2. The staff is invested in your success. I originally had no idea how large the International Incubator community is. Our business, by way of the pushing and help from the NBIC, was awarded as one of the Incubator clients of the year by the National Business Incubation Association.

3. Clients will leave with a thorough understanding of the business essentials like insurance, accounting systems, HR, taxes, and compliance. These overlooked things are perhaps the most important because they are what can put you out of business. The NBIC, Angela in particular, would regularly stress the importance of one of these almost daily.

Is there one business resource or tip you would give to readers just starting out in their business?

The hardest step in business is actually deciding to take that risk. Stop talking about it. Just do it!

What are a few eco-friendly tips you can give to readers looking to be more sustainable in their local living?

I’ll name three. 1. Use reusable water bottles versus non-reusable water bottles. 2. Go paperless in both your personal and business life. 3. Plant some trees.

You guys started a moving company and have now transitioned to also opening a pizza restaurant. Do you think continually evolving and adding different verticals as an entrepreneur is important for sustainability?

Absolutely. We’re fortunate to have three partners with a common goal. This gives us a bit more flexibility to diversify into different areas. The number one objective of wealth building is diverse revenue streams. It has always been our goal to use our first business ventures as springboards into other things that we are each more passionate about.

Lastly, what can Music City expect from your business in 2017?

Nashville can expect our businesses to continue to grow, employ more people, and innovate the markets that we serve. We also have some other cool ventures planned for next year. We are very excited about next year and appreciate all those who we’ve had the pleasure to serve and do business with. Slim & Husky’s will be open January 2017 so people can expect a great atmosphere, great pizza and beer, and an overall great experience.