Ten Reasons Why You Should Support NBIC

We have deep roots in Nashville.

Our history goes back to 1983 when Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) submitted a proposal to Congress to accelerate job growth in economically disadvantaged areas in Nashville. The following year, TVA appointed the Growth Enterprises Nashville, Inc. board to oversee Phase II of the project, birthing the the Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC).


We have a successful 30-year track record.

We have been helping small business owners grow from acorns into mighty oaks for over thirty years. We take pride in being results-oriented and goal-driven.


We are led by a Tennessee State graduate.

This incubator is led by Angela Crane-Jones, a proud TSU graduate and award-winning business advisor.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Master of Arts degree. Additionally, a few of our clients are TSU graduates and their businesses have added jobs to the economy, employing TSU alum. We bleed Tennessee State blue! 


We have notable graduates. 

If you have ever visited the city’s office buildings, you will see them guarded by Archangel Protective Services, an NBIC graduate that added over 100 jobs after completing our hallmark Mighty Oak program. Maybe you’ve heard about the fresh, customized pizzas at Slim +  Husky’s or you have seen Nashville’s #1 food truck, The Grilled Cheeserie. These incredibly prosperous businesses allowed us to hold their dreams in our hands.


We strongly value inclusion and equity. 

At the Incubation Center, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to grow during the unprecedented economic rise in our city. We offer educational and expert-level offerings for small businesses, especially those owned by women, veterans, and ethnic minorities.


We have over eight phenomenal offerings to choose from.

Are you looking for help with securing work with governmental agencies? We have a program for that. Maybe you’re looking for a support system to help you support your brilliant business idea? We have a program for you! Take our Biz Quiz to see which program is best for you.


We have provide 360 degrees of support.

From human resources to legal help, you have your back! Many of our programs, such as the Entrepreneur in Residence program, offers an accountability partner with a holistic business approach. You will never be alone in your entrepreneurial journey with the Incubation Center. 


We are passionate about helping small businesses win federal contract awards.

We understand that women and minority business owners have been overlooked in the federal contracting process in the past, so we partner with organizations that are dedicated to solving this issue, such as the Metro Nashville Office of Women and Minority Business Assistance, and we offer programs, such as Elevate.


We are an industry-agnostic incubator.

Many incubators are zoned in on one speciality, such as technology or culinary. However, we have a powerful and diverse team of professionals to help you scale a sustainable business. 


We help create wealth in the community.

Our client companies have collectively added created over 450 new jobs and generated over $100 million in sales. We ensure that our regional economy is prosperous.

There are many more reasons to fall in love with the Incubation Center. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, discover all that the NBIC has to offer by scheduling a consultation with Angela Crane-Jones at Calendly