The Green Truck Moving Company

The Green Truck Moving Company


NBIC chats with co-founder, Emanuel Reed of The Green Truck Moving Company. A NBIC Graduate company. Pictured above (l-r) Founders: Derrick Moore and Emanuel Reed, Clinton Gray (not pictured).

What inspired you to start your moving company?

We were inspired by the desire to create change. We wanted to be examples of what can be done via teamwork, innovation, and overall determination. The three of us are all risk takers and value leadership and problem solving so entrepreneurship fits right with our core values.

What makes your business different?

As part of problem solving, we wanted to come in and say what could we do to improve the industries we operate in. We’ve taken more of a people focus in each of our businesses which has allowed us to retain more employees and offer a better service than our competitors. In addition, we believe in branding and building repeatable processes. We also differentiate via sustainability.

Are you a Nashville native?

I was originally born in Akron, OH but moved to Nashville at the age of 7. Derrick and Clinton are both native Nashvillians.

Nashville is being called the “It” city…why are you loving Nashville, right now?

I believe Nashville is making a great push to increase diversity. While Nashville, like the rest of the country, has a long way to go we are behind this positive momentum. We meet entrepreneurs and other business professionals from all walks of life on a regular basis that are doing amazing things in their fields. We have a restaurant opening soon so, we’re also loving the growing restaurant scene. Clinton thinks he’s the next big chef in the city lol.

3 things you love about NBIC that others may not know?

1. The NBIC is like a community. The business owners share experiences, knowledge, resources, and connections.

2. The staff is invested in your success. I originally had no idea how large the International Incubator community is. Our business, by way of the pushing and help from the NBIC, was awarded as one of the Incubator clients of the year by the National Business Incubation Association.

3. Clients will leave with a thorough understanding of the business essentials like insurance, accounting systems, HR, taxes, and compliance. These overlooked things are perhaps the most important because they are what can put you out of business. The NBIC, Angela in particular, would regularly stress the importance of one of these almost daily.

Is there one business resource or tip you would give to readers just starting out in their business?

The hardest step in business is actually deciding to take that risk. Stop talking about it. Just do it!

What are a few eco-friendly tips you can give to readers looking to be more sustainable in their local living?

I’ll name three. 1. Use reusable water bottles versus non-reusable water bottles. 2. Go paperless in both your personal and business life. 3. Plant some trees.

You guys started a moving company and have now transitioned to also opening a pizza restaurant. Do you think continually evolving and adding different verticals as an entrepreneur is important for sustainability?

Absolutely. We’re fortunate to have three partners with a common goal. This gives us a bit more flexibility to diversify into different areas. The number one objective of wealth building is diverse revenue streams. It has always been our goal to use our first business ventures as springboards into other things that we are each more passionate about.

Lastly, what can Music City expect from your business in 2017?

Nashville can expect our businesses to continue to grow, employ more people, and innovate the markets that we serve. We also have some other cool ventures planned for next year. We are very excited about next year and appreciate all those who we’ve had the pleasure to serve and do business with. Slim & Husky’s will be open January 2017 so people can expect a great atmosphere, great pizza and beer, and an overall great experience.