A Breath of Fresh Air: Nashville Solutions Makes Energy Efficient and Affordable

 Arnella Foster  

The founders of Nashville Solutions knew that conventional HVAC systems were largely inefficient and expensive. So, Michael and Mario Beddingfield, brothers and now co-owners of the startup combined their technical and engineering skills to provide their customers with cost-effective long-term energy solutions. “We knew there were better ways to heat

Black woman entrepreneur in her store holding her whipped shea butter product in a red blouse.

A Cut Above: Michelle Harris Makes Money While Making a Difference in the Self Care of Others

For as long as she can remember, Michelle Harris has had a passion for cosmetology and helping others. She turned that passion into two thriving businesses based in the North Nashville area with plans for expansion. Founded in 2000, The Hair & Nail Gallery is a professional hair and nail

Learn How to Start a Business

 Arnella Foster  

Mar31 is a website dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs start, market, finance, and grow their businesses. By creating in-depth guides, how-tos, and reviews covering relevant business products, hopes to help readers move past the pitfalls that are often to blame for small business failure. Visit this site

Sandra Potter Shines A Light on Minority, Women Owned Businesses

 Arnella Foster  

When Sandra Potter founded The Cleaning Leaders thirteen years ago, she wasn’t just thinking about her family. She was thinking about the young single mothers she met while working as a registered nurse who did not have the skills or education needed for upward mobility. It was during those formative

3 Ways MWBEs Can Market More Effectively to Government Agencies

 Arnella Foster  

Companies looking to do business in the public sector must first learn how to market their goods and services to government agencies. As in the private sector, government buyers are interested in knowing your capabilities, seeing examples of work, and learning more about your organization’s story. But despite best efforts,